Creating has been for me a journey of discovery. I am always learning something new about my work.

My attraction toward the female form is natural. Its power, beauty and sensuality continues to drive and inspire me.

Using a cast from life I get the sense that I have captured a part of that life’s energy. And with each casting the female figure allows me to explore and portray many different concepts, whether they be literal or abstract.

The use of fabric, leather and steel in my work holds a different meaning. Its root in texture and the sense of touch. Their obvious contrasts are a factor as well. These positive and negative shapes share with the figure a movement and flow of energy. By placing these elements side by side a friction is created, which I manipulate into one movement that works independently as well as together. There is also a feeling of decay present as the materials are molded and shaped.

The successful construction of all these materials remains a constant challenge. I see no end to its possibilities.

Jeanine Alfieri

Video by Casilda Sanchez


Jeanine Alfieri

Spirit Recycles. Cast, linen and steel. 2011.

Jeanine Alfieri

Sharon. Life cast and linen. Commission. 2011